Interesting Cases

Some interesting cases: (Names are not mentioned for the purpose of anonymity)
Case 1:
A boy aged 15 years studying in 9th grade was running out of the boarding school because of the fear of exams, lack of confidence, concentration as well as no interest in the studies was brought to Dr. Roma Antani 15 years ago. The boy had no confidence to talk to her and showed significant lack of confidence. With the correct and apt homeopathic medicine which was decided as per his constitution, he gained confidence and developed concentration in studies that led to clearing the exams all including fearing board exams all through and is now enjoys a good position in a job.
Case 2:
A 12 years old boy from USA consulted Dr. Roma Antani last year with a problem of physical growth and lack of confidence. He was on anti ADHD medicines. With correct homeopathic treatment with constitutional medicine specific for him for 3 months he started feeling much better. Now after one year of treatment his mental and physical has improved significantly and is now only on homeopathic treatment. He recently received 1st prize for a project in science fare and is selected by California state university.
Case 3:
A 3 year old boy with Autism and speech disorder was brought to Dr. Roma Antani 9 months back. The boy was very hyperactive and could not have eye contact with anyone. He did not have any sensation of passing urine or stool. After 9 months of treatment with the constitutional medicine he is now much calmer, sits at one place, less hyperactive and sleeps well. His eye contact has improved significantly and now he loves to play with toys.
Case 4:
The Case of Ca. Breast
A female aged 65 years, a known case of Ca Rt.  Breast that was diagnosed in the year 1996 and treated with CT/Surgery/RT presented in the year 2011 with severe pain in Rt. Shoulder, difficulty in lifting Rt. hand due to significant swelling, severe burning pain in abdomen, anorexia, constipation and disturbed sleep. She was on Radiotherapy for lymphadenopathy in Rt. Side. She also had black discoloration of skin. She was mentally disturbed and had severe fear of death.
After taking full details of complains and other history, homeopathy was started. With in one month of starting homeopathic medications, she started feeling much better overall esp, increased energy levels, increased  appetite, better in motions,  and better sleep. She started feeling better during day time but was feeling depressed in the evening. This improvement continued thereafter.  She complained of pain in Rt Hand. She also had earache. After few more days of medicines, she felt very good in all aspects. She started leading normal life doing all household work. Today, she gets pain only on exertion. Homepathy also helped in treating radiation plaxo pachy.
Now she is leading and enjoying independent life with better energy levels. Last follow up was done on November 29th. Patient is all right clinically as well as  mental and physically  and leading happy life.
Case 5:
The Case of Ca Cervix
A female aged 39 years, a known case of Ca Cervix in advanced stage (stage 3b) was diagnosed in the year 2006. She was given CT and RT in full dose. She was not having any major symptoms for 10 months following this treatment. Thereafter she started having complaints of backache and pain in left leg, investigations revealed presence of multiple metastasis in Spine for which she was again subjected to CT/RT. She presented with complains of pain in leg, oedema of feet making walk difficult and other constitutional symptoms. This was associated with severe depression after 2nd cycle of CT in the year 2009. She was put on homeopathic medicines from the month of September 2009. Follow up scan in October 2009 revealed presence of lesions in spine. Patient was continuing on Homeopathic medicines. Considering presence of active lesions she was also subjected to salvage CT. Patient continued to take specific homeopathic medicines for the same. The follow up PET-CT Scan in Jan 2010 established that there was no evidence of active disease at primary lesion as well as sites of metastasis. Since then she is only on homeopathic medicines and doing very well.
It was observed that homeopathy helped her in side effects of CT and RT whereby she got relieved of all the side effects including hypertension. She is leading very normal life and feels elated.