I consulted Roma after consulting an allopath who suggested i see a skin specialist.
Rather hesitatingly I gave my entire history to Roma and was actually a bit disbelieving when she told me the wart will fall off on its own.
But it did in three days! Now i have no problem with my wart at all. It isn't there to trouble me anymore.
I am very thankful to the pleasant and able doctor Roma who helped me.
- Dhanu (India)
My son was diagnosed with ASD when he was 2 and 1/2 years old. I asked a lot of people and they advised me not to go for allopathic drugs because of the side effects. My son has improved and now he can speak well( He was speaking only 5-6 words when we started the treatment) following treatment with homeopathy.
I am also relived of my vertigo and ear problem and I am able to continue with my normal routine.
- Devika Gowrishankar (India)
I am preeti I had paralysis attack on 16 june 2011.
I took medicine from Dr. Roma Antani. Within one month I feel very well now.
First time I realised that Homoeopathic medicine gives fast relief .
So I thank to Dr. Roma for this treatment.
- Preeti (India)
My experience with homeopathy was tremendous. It has helped me a lot. I regained my health in a natural and gentle way. It has given me satisfaction and also made me love my own self. I feel each and every human being should go for homeopathic medicines for a better living. Thanks to you a lot Dr.Roma.It is only because of you and Lord Almighty that I have a better health today.
- Gretty Rodricks
Getting very satisfactory improvement in such a short period of 1 month is great. Simply a miracle.
- Parimal Purohit
I have had excellent positive experience of taking Homeopathy treatment for some of my chronic illnesses from Dr. Roma Antani in the past....I am a great believer in the curative & preventive aspects of Homeopathy medicines....In the past I have taken treatment from her for my Chronic Skin Problem ( which got cured completely),for Chronic Sinusitis ( with excellent results)....
One of the major problem when I was travelling to any Hill-station was that the road journey used to give me Motion Sickness & thus spoil my trip.After taking Dr. Roma's medicines for a couple of trips to Hill-stations, Now I am completely cured of it & don't have to take any medicine for that problem...
Our family also have found her multi-medicine Homeopathy Kit to be very helpful when faced by different common ailments....
One thing I can say with conviction that "Homeopathy does have special Effect for many health problems without any Side effects"...
- Dr Jaydeep Doshi (Consulting Radiologist, Anand, Gujarat)
I have been taking homeopathy for the cancer I have had. I have found homeopathy treatment by Dr. Roma very helpful to me. It not only stopped side effects of chemotherapy, but helped me build confidence and lead normal life. It has made me happy too. Thanks to Dr. Roma for everything.
- Jagruti suthar
I am a hard core believer and thereby follower of Homeopathy treatment. The cure my daughter and I have received from Dr. Antani has been life-changing! I'd give it an "Exceeded Expectations" rating or a 10 on a scale of 1 - 10, with 10 being the highest.

Several years ago, my 3 year old daughter had begun having severe symptoms of Asthma and used to have frequent episodes of coughing continuously for a period of 5-7 hours and sometimes more in spite of steroids and other medications administered regularly. Her heart rate used to shoot as high as 130 - nothing at the moment worked other than the SOS dosage of Dr. Antani's Homeopathy medication for her. We continued to administer Dr. Antani's medication regularly for about a year and she is now almost completely cured with a rare episode of Asthma perhaps once every 2-3 years and with negligible intensity compared to her initial episodes.

Re myself, I went through a period of significant memory loss and seemed to go through frequent situations of "phase-out-blank" with lack of concentration in daily tasks which caused loosing track of time and other succeeding appointments. I also experienced lack of interest in almost everything undertaken, as well as had very irregular periods and pre-PMS symptoms including temper tantrums. My regular family physician advised an anti-depressant, however I was hesitant to take them due to the habitat-forming nature which could have likely caused chemical dependence. Dr. Antani promptly shipped me the applicable Homeopathy medication and it has worked wonders for me. I have reverted back to my upbeat disposition for all tasks in daily life and my memory has appeared to have gotten back to normal. My periods have gotten on a regular cycle with a significant improvement in my pre-PMS symptoms as well.

Lastly and importantly, I have a good friend who happened to have severe symptoms of Mixed Bipolar Disorder with extreme episodes of tantrums, mood swings etc. and when recommended, she turned to Dr. Antani's Homeopathy medication and has experienced tremendous improvement in the mood swings and other issues related to the disorder within a period of barely 2 months.

Therefore, I highly recommend Homeopathy treatment and medication, particularly with Dr. Antani's diagnosis for a given ailment; and if regularly taken, it will definitely help the patient for almost any given medical problem, regardless of it being a physical or mental issue.
- A patient in USA (USA)
Before meeting Dr. Roma Antani, I always believed it to be true what I heard about homeopathy. Several allegations have been made against homeopathy for being expensive and prolonging treatment. but when I was suffering from various difficulties like depression, acidity, back-pain, etc. and I approached Dr. Roma Antani my respect for the homeopathy stream of treatment rose to a considerable extent.it is not merely a mode of treatment but a science in itself which needs to be grown for the sake of humanity. It is my personal experience that after undergoing the advised treatment of madam I felt better and much stabilized. It gave me quick relief from all my ailments.
- Karansing Rajput
It has been our finest experience to treat pets with homeopathy by Dr. Roma Antani. She has been a great help in treating pets successfully with homeopathy.
Being in the field of animal welfare and being a part of a First Aid team with a NGO which provides basic medical care to animals itís been learning and encouraging experience to treat animals using Homeopathy.
When my own pet, a Pomeranian dog, went through a serious medical condition, and when the harsh and heavy allopathic medicines were getting too much for the little soul, I had fallen back on Homeopathy medicines, which at least gave him some respite from the pain and at the same time were easy to administer as my ailing dog was not stressed out and instead dint mind the sweet pills.
Now we have a pair of lovely rabbits who are completely in love with the sweet pills. For them they are not medicine but a treat. This has helped us to get the rabbits treated in a stress less manner whenever they get motion problems and other similar issues.
Over the years what has been my personal experience is that homeopathy medicines are a great way of treating animals who seem to be responding to it in a very positive way and my understanding of the same is that homeopathy works with animals because its based on formulations which are not based on harsh substances and is instead based on some natural ingredients.
However you look at it, one thing is sure that animals donít mind being treated with Homeopathy medicines and that by itself make life easier for both us and the animals.
- Maharshi Dave (India)
I am writing you this mail just to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving such a medicine which is making my son better each day. He has shown lots of improvement after starting your medicine. My main concern for my son was his speech delay, he also find it difficult to point and indicate his needs, but only in 15 days of starting the course he started pointing and also his receptive language started improving, within 1 month he is able to understand most of the things told to him. He has also come up with few words though its not clear.
I am now waiting for the day when he will talk with me.
- Fatema (Sharjah)
I, Javer Chand Jain from Andhra Pradesh, have been taking treatment for cancer from Dr. Roma Antani since 3-4 months, and have got good response within 1 week. I was not getting hungry and I was not getting motion properly and not able to eat but, now I am so happy with DR Roma Antaniís treatment and I don't have any problem now. She sends me medicines whenever I need and she lift's the call whenever I call her and I have told many people about Dr. Roma and they are also happy with her treatment. :)
- Javer Chand Jain (India)
I was 3 years old when I was suffering from severe asthma....it was roma aunty who took up my case and here I am....at 26 no problem in breathing.......and still she is the first person whom I consult.........thanks a lot......
- Shivangi Vyas (India)
My son was 2.5 years when I started worrying about his delayed speech. He used to babble a few words but not and substance, compared to other children of his age who were repeating, making sentences and singing too. I decided to consult my family doctor/pediatrician for this delayed speech problem, who eventually guided me to a child care centre. We contacted the centre and upon discussions decided to get his evaluation done. While at the centre I read a poster about autism. A few visits and repeated reading of the details about autism made me think a lot and also drew my attention towards a possibilities of my child having autism. Spinning, looking from corner of the eye, attraction towards circular things and movements(fan, wheels,etc), banging his head, rolling or trying to roll every possible object of play, himself rolling on the ground and a few more were the common symptoms reffered in autism awareness articles .

Post evaluations we were assured that my son did not fall in autistic catogory but he did have traits of autism. I started reading more about autism over the net. Read lot of stories, articles from doctors , therapists and parents from across the globe. No one seemed to have a definite cure or solution, until I came across an detailed article about Autism and Homeopathy.

While medical science and medical practitioners are still inconclusive about the causes of autism,none have a cure too. Homeopathy is the only promising remedy and has shown significantly good results. I came across an article by Dr. Roma Antani which gave a detailed description of autism and also it's cure. The article gave me lot of hope and relief and also convinced me to consult Dr. Antani for my child's problem.

My first session with Dr. Antani was three hour long. She was very patient ,understanding and also convincing. While she took all the details about my son , she was also explaining the causes , reasons and self help remedies. After taking all the details she explained why and how homeopathy helps in autism. She explained how important it was to accept the problem and then resolve it, which most parents do not. We were told to follow a strict diet for my child which included lot of food restrictions. These restrictions were important and necessary for faster results and better acceptance of the medicine . I was very relived and hopeful for hundred percent cure for my child. Dr. Antani gave a three month medicine course to begin with. I was suppose to report to her every month about the changes and development. The changes that happened in first month were:
Head banging reduced by 30%
flapping and rolling reduced by 40%
started throwing less tantrums
Babbling changed to words
Responded to his name 6 out of ten times

The progress in the first month was very heartening and comforting too. More changes happened in second month:
Banging reduced further
Tantrums reduced
More comfortable to new places and people
Strarted reponding to commands
Recognitons and repeatation of vocabulary increased

Third month changes and progress precedded my expectations.
Banging stopes completely
Started sayings three to four word sentences
Recognitons of live things
Started playing with puzzles, stackers under supervision
Stared calling people with their names
Was much calmer in school and also was interacting with things around him

These three months gave me hope when every thing else failed. Thanks to Dr. Antani , my son and I were ready to fight out the rest of the battle. My session in forth month again gave me strength and hope for the further three months to come. Changes did happen.
He started demanding a few things on his own
He started realising and conveying his needs like water , chips , toilet etc.
Huge improvement in vocabulary and recognition.
Constructive play with toys
Understanding of music and various other sounds
Started relating to animals
Much more cooperative and adjusting( outdoor trips)

Fifth month and till today
Happily goes to school
Loves out door activities
Loves to travel
Swims a lot
Follows simple intructions
Understands few emotions like love , care , anger
Hardly throws tantrums
Excellent eye contact
Has sharp memory

Only a Parent can understand other parents state of mind when their child is facing a challenge in life. I would like to reassure all the parents in this difficult situation with my experience of Homeopathy. Dr . Antani has given a ray of hope when everything else failed. Dr.antani has been very accommodating and helpful time and again. I used to panic and call her for smallest of problems, but not once has she ever failed to help and cure my sons problems. I am very positive and definitely sure that my son will be cured and shall be independent very very soon. God bless.
- A satisfied parent in India
I am really very with improvements from your medication for allergy.

It is working wonderfully and I am very much confortable with the same.It has increased my working level confidence also.Day by day I am improving in my business and credit goes to you and your medication
My heartfelt thanks for the same.
- Meenakshi (Bangalore)
"We came to Dr. Antani with our 14 month old daughter diagnosed with hypotonia. Allopathic doctors had no other diagnosis and we were only told that she will have delayed milestones. Within 1 month of starting on medication given by Dr. Antani she managed to sit unsupported. It is now almost 6 months since we started medication and now my daughter has started supported walking also. Her overall strength and immunity has also improved. We sincerely thank God that we could come to know about Dr. Antani"

- Deepak
Good Afternoon. This is with respect to the patient Vidya D Mehta's progress health-wise. Earlier she was not able to sit silently in one place and was very naughty, restless, very stubborn,not able to focus. She was reluctant to write, but now she is concentrating on her daily school studies, is less mischievous and also now she is Less Hyper. She eats sweets and chocolate but does not get hyperactive after consuming them. Her progress with respect to health after homeopathic treatment is good.
- Dharmesh, patient's father (Bangalore, India)

In June 2006 diagnosis of cervix cancer at stage III B. I received 25 cycle of radiotherapy and 5 cycle of chemotherapy .

After that I had no complain but after some time I had c/o back pain and pain in left leg. MRI was done in July 2009 and findings were suggestive of multiple metastasis . It also showed moderate amount of abnormal soft tissue seen in pre-vertebral and left vertebral region. the abnormal tissue encroaches the left neural foremen at L3-4 encasement of left exiting L3 nerve root. After that I received 10 cycle of radiotherapy and 6 cycle of chemotherapy

I had no hope for a life and could not go for opretion because it was last stage of cancer thatís why I taken a cycle of 25 Rediotherapy and 2 interstital brachytherapy

I could not climb setps and I could not walk due to pain after some timee.
I consulted doctors but was not relieved of pain.

I met Dr.roma Antani and she suggested me for homeopathic medicine.
then I started homeopathic medicine and still I am taking a homeopathic medicine that helped me in effects like vomitting,diarrhoea, weakness,
My hair growth is more than earlier.
There are no complain for a pain
I can eat properly
I spend my days with freshness and happiness
I think I feel best than before
I feel very good mentally

I am very thankful to Dr.Roma Antani for homeopathic medicine.
- Jagruti Suthar (Gujarat, India)
" a good doctor treats the disease, a best doctor treats the patient, but a great doctor treats both"

We discovered our child's difficulties when he was 2.5 years old. His evaluation pointed to his difficulties on the Autism spectrum but a border line case. His traits included spinning, speech difficulty, no social interactions, rolling on the floor, banging head, screaming and shouting.

We came across dr Roma antani accidentally while reading various articles on the net, or should we say she was God sent. While we were reading various articles about therapies and research on autism, we came to know that homeopathy can help in a big way. Our first meeting with dr antani was a long informative session. We were given lot of information about the problem we had and how to deal with it. She guided us to the changes we needed to implement to help our child in every way. From changes in food to the way we deal with him and also how to help him in various situations.

From the first month of starting her medicine and behavior conducting advice which she gave, we started seeing changes in our child. The positive growth kept on increasing every month after month. Slowly all his traits started disappearing. His social behavior improved. He started settling in school and amongst family.

It has been almost five years now. We have seen tremendous growth in our child over the years. Our child is leading a normal life as any other child would. It was always dr antani's confidence and support that has helped us reach here. From day one she was very confident about these changes would occur and our child would be over these difficulties.

We sincerely thank dr Roma antani for all her support and help. We feel we could not have achieved this without her help.

Heart felt regards.
- A Parent (India)
I have known Dr.Roma Antani since 13years.I had difficult pregnancies with both my kids.But thanks to Dr.Roma's homeopathy treatment,I had easy and normal deliveries and gave birth to healthy kids.Few years ago I started suffering from migraine.I started taking her medicine.It took some time to see positive results. But then, the frequency of headaches reduced from once every 10days to once a month.The severity of the pain has also reduced drastically. Now it has completely cured, I am off the medicine,My elder daughter,10yrs ,also suffers from migraine.She is also on her medication and we are started seeing positive results. Along with her migrain, her motion sickness also has completely gone, Dr.Roma Antani's diagnosis is very very accurate and hence her medicine has always worked wonders for me and lots of my family members and friends as well.
- A patient (Singapore)
vitiligo . Dr. Antani examined the children & provided homeopathy medicines free of cost to every child.

School & parents are thankful for DR. Antaniís help
- Priya Shastri, Medical Social Worker (India)
For a long time i was thinking how should i thank you. This is the best way to say "thank you aunty" . My both kids r taking ur medicine. N i m so happy with the results. My daughter is 7 years old n my son is 2 years old. They both r taking homeopathy medicine. I can see positive changes in them. My son has not taken allopathy medicines in this 2 years. If he gets ill he takes only homeopathy medicine and he will be fine. He ask for homeopathy if he is nt feeling well. " mumma homi aap". It takes 3 to 4 days but it helps to cure. My kids immunity is also improved. I think homeopathy medicines r harmless n no side effects. So as a mother i feel its a better option.
Once again thank u so much aunty.
- A happy mother (India)